Finally there is cr.HK xx LP Zenpo Tenshin. Ken has little more motivation to join the Street Fighter EX tournaments than his pure love of fighting, and the chance of being pitted against his best friend and rival Ryu in combat. [2][3] He wears a black belt at his waist and trains barefoot. He sports black sparring gloves and his hair has grown longer, to the point of being tied in a topknot. His sunglasses are hanging loose on his tank top. Which gives you time to break her down. It was the first time in a while that Ryu used the hot spring water in Japan. Martial Arts tournament, he had let himself spend too much time with his girlfriend, Eliza, rather than training. Have Ken join the player's party in World of Light.With the exception of the third method, Ken must then be defeated on Boxing Ring. Name Input Deadly Throw close, or + or : … Ken enters, and in the absence of gas stations near the location for the final, he parks his SUV in a convenient spot, calls Eliza to check on her, and continues the rest of the way on foot. This is useful for beating early attempts by your opponent to attack out of blockstun. Astounded by the ferocity of Ken's attacks, Allen was overwhelmed and asked where Ken trained. He attempts to do a move until Gouken finds out and stops him, making him swear to never perform dark hado. In the Street Fighter EX series, Ken gains a Meteor Combo known as the Kuzuryu Reppa, which effectively combines the three aforementioned Super Combos; it leads with Shippu Jinraikyaku's kicks and instead of a Tatsumaki, Ken follows with three Shoryukens (the same as his Level 3 Shoryureppa in the Alpha series) and finishes with a Shinryuken. Ken was originally named after Street Fighter planner, Hiroshi Matsumoto however Hiroshi changed Ken's name to mean "fist" instead during development. Ken Masters (ケン・マスターズ, Ken Masutāzu?) Since then, Ken has continued to train Sean and Mel, handle his family and business, and keep up with his old friend Ryu. Ken searches all over the South Pole for Ryu, but finds nothing. Ken appears in Street Fighter II manga as he was kidnapped by Shadaloo and was brainwashed by Bison to carry out his evil, he was later freed by his mind control and was seeking out Bison to avenge Cho who was a target for Shadaloo. Keep that in mind, buddy.". Games Movies TV Video. - One of Ken's Versus Mode win quotes, Gamest Mook Vol. A year later, Ken hears about a mysterious organization and goes to investigate in order to alleviate his boredom, and he may have confronted Urien. While there, he saves Sean from F.A.N.G, but is then attacked by his older sister Laura, who mistakes him for an enemy. Sagat appears and, enraged by Bison's actions, engages Ryu in an attempt to break Bison's mental grip on him. The move would later appear as a Level 3 Super Combo in Street Fighter Alpha 3. Don't forget that I see you not as the most reliable partner but as the toughest rival. As easy to understand as a flowchart!" Ken stopped fighting Ryu and refused to strike back, insisting that Ryu regain his senses. (西山: 本当です。リュウは 「降」 と書きますガ、僕の隆志から名前を取っています。 自分自身を投影するキャラクターとして、主人公の名前を付ける権じゃないですか (笑)。 ちなみにケンの名前の山来は松本なんですよ。 ) from. Opponents will frequently try to empty bait the Super on wakeup. While he can be brash, egotistical and arrogant at times, his heart is pure. Hurricane Kick. Crazy Kick 2. n/a Rating. Returning with his red headband straight out of the “SF2” era , now in his 30’s with a more mature look.” (長年すわっていた主人公の座を、ついに新キャラクターのアレックスにゆずり渡した。相も変わらず真の格闘家を目指して旅する日々を送っていたところ、ー児の父となって付き合いが悪くなったケンから「会わせたいヤツがいる」と呼び出され、久しぶりに故郷日本の温泉宿へと向かう。『ストⅡ』時代の赤いハチマキが復活30代に突入し、外見がややオヤジくさくなったうだ。), "However, there was only the appearance of Ken Masters (National Fighting Champion), who was completely reluctant to speak to the woman next door. Crouching HK, HK Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku, LP Shoryuken x2, HP Shoryuken. n/a Rating. Street Fighter Wiki. After he was done raping me, he told me that mp dp makes it much harder to CC through his AA. Hadoken, Shakunetsu Hadoken, Shoryuken, Tatsumaki Senpukyaku, Roll, Roundhouse Kick, Reppu HadokenΩ, Ryusenkyaku (CvS series), Kamabaraigeri, Raikou Nataotoshi, Senpu Nataotoshi, Quick Step, Heat Rush, Zanku Hadoken (MvC series), Shoryureppa, Shinryuken, Shippu Jinraikyaku, Rengoku Guruma (SFTM), Souryuken (Project X Zone), Kuzuryu Reppa (EX series), Guren Senpukyaku, Guren Enjinkyaku After Ryu and Ken get into a fight with Guile and realize there a lot other stronger fighters out there in the world and plan on going on a world tour together. Street Fighter Alpha 2/Ken. It still can be used but don’t count on it as your gameplan. During the party, Ken reflects on the various sparring matches between him and Ryu. Alignment Alright Eliza, make arrangements for my trip! 時 を 同じく し て, 世界中 の 格闘家 たち も, ギル を 目指し て 闘い を くり広げる を 見つける ため に, 野望 を 果たす ため に … … 最強 を 求める旅 に, 決して終わり は ない の だ. 8.1.1 Level One Activation; 8.1.2 … When Ryu heads to Antartica to search for Pandora, fearing it has a connection with the Satsui no Hado, Ken joins him. Guile offers them their freedom in exchange for infiltrating Bison's base (to whom Sagat runs guns) and revealing its location so that the AN can make a military strike and free the hostages captured earlier in the film. Soon afterwards their son is born [18] and they name him Mel. Ken performs 2 Shoryukens in a row, and is completely invincible until the 2nd Shoryuken begins to descend. Is -5 on HIT, so the opponent can reversal CC or super sometimes. In the original Street Fighter and the first iteration of Street Fighter II, Ken was a clone of Ryu, with only one attack (a throw) appearing to be aesthetically different. As they progress in their training, Ken and Ryu are ready for the test in their training hand to hand combat. Martial Arts tournament, which is a new record and offers the trophy to Sean who turns the offer down, wanting to earn it for himself. In ST, he can be a very tough character to beat if played right with the tools he has and the right mindset. Chun-Li then leaves to assist Karin in the group's first infiltration. In Ken's ending, he wins his third straight U.S. Ken: When Ryu was 23, Gouken decided that both of his pupils had grown up to be fine fighters and decided that their training was over and could now leave the dojo. Ironically, some of Ken's kick-based moves would later involve fire. They share a very close bond with each other and will help out each other no matter the cost. "The hall was overflown with the voice of great joy. Giving Ryu his red headband, Ken tells him to stay focused, which greatly cheers Ryu up. As expected, Ken returned in Street Fighter V as of July 9, 2015. Heat Rush V-Trigger II. In fact, Ken wasn't sure if Ryu knew who he was at all. She already has a small enough sprite box. In order to do so, the elder Masters sent Ken to Japan to train under his best friend, the mysterious karate master Gouken. Ken Masters (ケン・マスターズ, Ken Masutāzu), originally spelled in kanji as Ken (拳, Fist) with his original full name being unknown, is a recurring character in Capcom's Street Fighter series. Ken and his family move to southern California from Washington State. 2.1.1 Throws; 2.1.2 Alpha Counters; 2.2 Special Moves; 2.3 Super Moves; 3 The Basics; 4 Basic Offense; 5 Defensive Notes; 6 Frame Data; 7 Combos; 8 Advanced Strategy. A really good sweep with good range, usually a poke string ender. Japanese voice actor(s) It is the second installment in the Street Fighter series and the sequel to Street Fighter, released in 1987.It is Capcom's fourteenth title to use the CP System arcade system board. * Hard Punch Shoryuken has bigger arc, always knocks down, juggles for up to three hits, but no additional invulnerability. Complete one of the following: 1. He also gained a series of command normal kicks; in the Street Fighter Alpha series only, these would be incorporated into his standard move list with his other special attacks. In Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix Ken retains most of his moves, his Tatsumaki Sempukyaku are embedded with fire and enables him to shoot a Shakunetsu Hadoken. Since Ken is now the father of a child their relationship has deteriorated, after a long time from being home in Japan he is summoned to a hot spring inn, where “There is a guy I want to meet”. Pages using duplicate arguments in template calls, Street Fighter x Tekken: The Devil Within Characters, Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist Characters, Street Fighter II The Animated Movie Characters, Street Fighter Animated Series Characters, Street Fighter Alpha: The Animation Characters, Street Fighter Alpha: Generations Characters, Street Fighter - Round One: Fight! After the fight, Sean sorts out the misunderstanding by indicating the unconscious Shadaloo soldiers. They both turned to face the man that had cause Ryu to lose his mind, M. Bison. Skills Ken's Super Combo in Super Street Fighter II Turbo is the Shoryureppa, a string of consecutive Shoryukens. Ken also rides a motorcycle. New Challengers Condor Dive: 3P However, I have encountered players that know how to AC reversal so its vital that you AC on moves that she can’t cancel from or catch her during awkward footsie battles where a cancel would be impossible or very hard to pull off. Ken telling Sean not to return until he defeats Ryu. It's a perot when he appeared in the manga "Square Jungle" (Original by Ikki Kajiwara, Kensaku Nakagusuku). Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Ryu and Ken [edit | edit source] Ryu. Zenpo Tenshin ( forward roll ) is another important tool in Kens arsenal, giving him the ability to apply mixup pressure off of a knockdown. At first, Ken was very hesitant to learn from Gouken, wanting to go back to the United States, but later began to respect his master. Karin arrives and offers Ken a pre-meal fight as an apology for Birdie attacking him, which Ken accepts. It is widely believed, though never confirmed, that the name was given to avoid copyright confusion with the character of the same name from Mattel's Barbie toyline. Try to win the first around to force her to dump her bar the 2nd round so you can have the cc advantage the 3rd just like ryu. In Street Fighter IV, he is voiced by Reuben Langdon in the English version, who also voices Dante from the Devil May Cry series. Rufus constantly fights Ken, but Ken keeps forgetting who he is. He is able to free them from their control and team up to defeat M. Bison. [16], Ken could have been inspired by real-life Karate world champion, Joe Lewis. Ryu writes "降", which is taken from my name Takashi. A big advantage that ken has over ryu in this fight is kens ac+K. BrownBlue (Street Fighter IV, in-game, Street Fighter: The Movie and Super Smash Bros. Ken can really limit Akuma's options by forcing him into the corner. Then to add to the fact that she has incredible walk speed. Later they get involved with Shadaloo in plot to infiltrate their base. No details have been stated. Though born in the United States, Ken is actually only one quarter Anglo-American and three quarters Japanese. Ken usually wears casual outfits throughout the episodes; for example, a yellow formal suit jacket with a red tank top, matching white pants with a black belt to his waist and black dress shoes. He carries a large broken mallet consist of 100 tons to flatten his opponent to deal damage and has three disguises serving as his special attacks (Eg. Compared to Ryu, Ken is often seen as a more flashier foil, often coming up with several new deviating moves on the spot as opposed to sticking to the fundamentals as often as Ryu does. A straight punch with good priority and frame advantage, cancelable. Christian Howard played Ken in Street Fighter: Legacy which was co-directed by Joey Ansah and Owen Trevor. You'll still be able to gameplan on wakeup if they don't roll so be sure to establish this. In order to effectively counter without sacrificing positioning for a wake up attack, immediately perform cr.MK xx HP Hadouken. He too spends a lot of time training as well, but not as much as Ryu. Or else...? Right about that time, Guile and Chun-Li burst through the door together, but Bison hit a switch that allowed him to escape capture. Good jump in with good priority, especially when done early. If there is an enemy within melee range, he instead performs the Shippu Jinraikyaku, which has few spinning kick-based essences based on his Guren Senpukyaku and Guren Enjinkyaku from post-Street Fighter III games. Although he has not changed and continues travelling day to day with the aim of becoming a true warrior. chun is really dominanting from mid screen. From Shoryuken Wiki < Street Fighter Alpha 2. When you dont have meter available, cr.MP serves as your best attack starter. We must challenge again. This is most useful when your opponent is looking to counter your throw attempts. It has decent horizontal range, and is best used up close to punish whiffed attacks, or in a combo or to beat safe-jumps and wakeup pressure games. 3,059 Pages. (1080p). By this time, a Brazilian teenager named Sean had been pestering him to become his student and Ken reluctantly accepted, beginning to train him. +- This AC is good for punishing jump-ins you are having trouble reacting to with your normal anti-air tools. Establish the same type of FB game as you would with ryu but try to play from half screen. Karin holds Ken in high regard, due to his superior fighting ability. While you do this, you are slowly building meter which will come in handy. Ken is happy to see his old friend again. If he misreads your Hadouken timing, hit him with cr.HP to Hadouken. In later Street Fighter II editions, Ken's character was modified to focus on style and attack speed, along with a notable focus on more brutal judo throws (such as his trademark knee striking grapple) and with some aspects of Kyokushin Karate. He is also a worrywart when it comes to his family, nearly missing the tournament in Street Fighter IV because he did not want to leave Eliza so close to her due date, and only entered when she assured him she'd be fine. Ken is solid with standard mix ups as well as little tricks such as being able to cross up roll to confuse opponents. This also ties into a weakness he shares with Ryu, which tends to be his mediocre physical range that causes him to rely more on zoning with his Hadoken as opposed to playing footsies in the neutral game; though unlike Ryu, most of Ken's moves are geared towards multi-hits as aforementioned, which on top of his mix-ups make him much more geared towards safe pressure and being able to get in. As the match progressed, Ken realized that Ryu was not himself, and his technique had changed. He states that the Satsui no Hado is a mysterious evil life force that dwells within certain fighters. If she tries to empty jump or jump out of your dp ranges, will eat her up most of the time as an easy counter. Want to be an editor? This is very god to keep characters that cant duck it pinned down, and a quick anti-jump if you suspect the opponen is gonna attempt to jump towards you, as well as a good anti-air. [28][34][35] He learned that Ryu had sought him out and travelled all the way to New York from Oakland for their long-awaited rematch. Ken begins to wonder about his own life. Tournament and fighting Shadaloo, The Second World Warrior Tournament, marrying Eliza and becoming Violent Ken. Ken also gets annoyed when multiple people ask where Ryu is, making it seem like Ken is Ryu’s personal assistant. Guile. Ken Street Fighter 2 Turbo moves Overview. Mk- His cross-up, self-explanatory, looks different form Ryu/Akuma. Upon arriving home afterwards, he tells Eliza that although he did indeed get to fight Ryu, they had been so busy with the rest of the unfolding events that they hadn't been able to give it their all. Howard reprised his role as Ken in Street Fighter: Resurrection. After learning that Eliza was pregnant, this renewed Ken's passion for fighting as this gave him a new reason. Ryu wins and manages to release Ken of Bison's mind control. Street Fighter V - Ken Arcade Mode (HARD), (Super) Street Fighter IV (AE) - Ken's Rival Cutscene English Ver. 0 Tips. His creative mind allows his fighting style to always stay fresh for new arts on the fly at any given time. Firstly close range is usually established by landing cr.HK from max range. While visiting Gouken's grave, Ryu meets his old friend, Ken. He may or may not be aware that there's parts of him that Guile has reservations of, which doesn't stop both Ken and Guile from getting along though. Knee Bash (NEAR OPPONENT) or + Hell Wheel (NEAR OPPONENT) + V-Skill I. Ken begins to train his son Mel in rudimentary fighting techniques. During their hard battle Ken confronts the old man and is easily taken down, being subdued to ensure that the battle between Ryu and Akuma must not be interrupted or interfered for its right conclusion between the two. Ken after he defeats Ryu in his flashback. Umar Ibrahim. Ryu thanked Ken for his efforts and said that he needed to travel more to better understand himself and the Satsui no Hadou inside him. Akuma, Rufus (SFIV), Urien (SFIII), Dan (SFA2), Zangief (SFA2), Adon (SFA3), Guile (family rival), Ryu (friendly), Gouken (friendly), Sean (SFIII), Alex (SFIII), Karin (SFA3) (friendly), Sakura (SFA3) (friendly), Chun-Li (friendly), Sodom, Vega, Birdie, Laura (friendly), F.A.N.G (SFV), Allen (SFEX) (friendly), Morrigan Aensland (SGFMM), Terry Bogard (CvS), Kazuya Mishima, Nina Williams (SFxTK) Sensing his inner conflict, Eliza assures him that she'll be fine and that the baby isn't due for a while yet, so he should go meet up with Ryu and tell him she says hi. A disciple of the Shotokan school of karate and past training partner of Ryu, Ken has an amazing fighting spirit, but an even larger ego. Executed by moving the stick forward, down, and then down-forward (commonly referred to as a \"Shoryuken motion\" or a \"DP Motion), the move is a jumping uppercut in which the user spins upwards with some horizontal movement as well, knocking the opponent to the ground and inflicting damage. Like Ryu, he believes in honor, hard work, endurance and discipline. Afterwards, he and Eliza wonder about why Ryu isn't at the party. The two are later seen sharing a friendly fist bump. Ryu, next time we'll meet things will be different". The Lightning American of Street Fighter has the coolest theme, a stage containing goddamn fighter jets (Murica! If you post to, please put "SF2" or "Street Fighter 2" or something thereof in your subject header. You might land it once or maybe even twice, but never consistently. So Mp throw is quite a good tool in this fight. Lewis notably appeared on the the cover of Combat Magazine dressed in red with a black belt. Especially after losing to him during the events of Street Fighter Alpha 3. I better get lost now or Eliza will be mad at me. You have the right to name the main character as a character that projects yourself (laughs). Ryu seemed to be on the right track again, but what of him? When I draw, I respect the martial arts user Benny Urquidez. V-trigger allows him to become a monster; all moves are BUFF and completely change some frame data! Despite having been students together under Gouken, Ken does not think highly of Dan, going so far as to say that Dan "just sucks" directly to his face, after being challenged. The moves are based on the English controls of the home console version. SUPER STREET FIGHTER II TURBO STREET FIGHTER ALPHA STREET FIGHTER ALPHA 2 STREET FIGHTER ALPHA 3 X-MEN:CHILDREN OF THE ATOM X-MEN VS. STREET FIGHTER MARVEL SUPER HEROES VS. STREET FIGHTER STREET FIGHTER EX PLUS ALPHA (A fighting game with robots they made in JAPAN, name of game escapes me) I think he's in MARVEL VS. CAPCOM, but not sure yet … Notice how Jab, Strong, and Fierce all have different properties within the first two active frames. Both of them have also trained together under Gouken. Name Input Jigoku Guruma close, or + or : Tsukami Nage close, or + or : Jigoku Fuusha close, or + or : Inazuma Kakato Wari + Hadouken + Shouryuuken + Tatsumaki Senpuukyaku + Zenpou Tenshin + Zentou + Shouryuu Reppa + Shinryuuken + (or at Level 2/3) M. Bison . In Street Fighter II V, Ken's hair is red, similar to the live-action movie and the animated series. Dislikes Birthplace Ken's Shinryuken. In Super Smash Bros. The Shoryureppa returns as well, acting as his EX Shoryuken. [28][29] Ken gets in touch with Ryu and invites him to Japanese hot spring inn, Ken also brings Sean along, but decides to do last minute shopping for Eliza before flying to Japan. and from personal EXP, its almost impossible to cross her up. Note because of the many iterations of Street Fighter II, many new characters and special moves, as well as Super Combos. He was voiced by Scott McNeil in the Street Fighter animated series. The battle of this fighting genius continues. Ken is the best friend and rival of Ryu, who has also appeared in all Street Fighter games. Ryu then proceeds to fight Bison but loses and, just like Ken before him, is turned into a slave of Bison's Psycho Power. **-: This move was first seen in Street Fighter II : Turbo Hyper Fighting. Games . 0 Tips. Basic Controls ===== The Street Fighter II games utilize three buttons - instead of two - for both kicking and punching, so there aren't any triggers directly assigned to grabbing, running, or blocking. Ken is aware of Bison's villainy and seeks to defeat him. Special Attack Dragon Punch. This is most useful when you have the opponent in a defensive posture. Behind-The-Scene Not as fast as Ryu's, but is still essential to Ken's overall strategy. As a foil to Ryu, Ken's trademark technique is instead his Shoryuken. All Details. Ken is Ryu's best friend from his childhood, as the two have trained in the same art of Ansatsuken for a long time. Even his wife doesn't have good things to say about Dan. Ken's Hadouken and Tatsus aren't as good as Ryu's but he has more than enough tools to hold his own. Howard reprised his role as Ken in Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist, Street Fighter: Resurrection and Street Fighter: World Warrior. Said strategy would go on to dominate a large portion of high-level play in Street Fighter IV. Ken's voice actor Reuben Langdon portrayed Ken in the short film Street Fighter x Tekken: The Devil Within. In Champion mode you can play through the original Street Fighter II. Unlike his main incarnation, Ken is shown to be greedy and adventurous, looking for all kinds of treasure, keeping up with his role as a con man in the live-action Street Fighter film; Guile even states that Ken views the duties and responsibilities of being on his team as simply meaning he has to "party less". Howard will reprise his role as Ken Masters in the second season, Street Fighter: World Warrior. The tables can be easily turned once you have full meter and you have ACs, CCs, and supers at your disposal. Ken is reluctant at first, but then agrees. He considers Dan to be a waste of his time to fight. Ryu and Ken would later become best friends and each other's principal rivals. Jul 08 2020 10 min. Hurricane Kick. Convinced he is the best fighter, Ken seeks a confrontation with his long-time rival. Ken appears as a playable character in several games in the series: Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter, X-Men vs. Street Fighter and Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes. He has a well rounded arsenal of normals applicable to a lot of situations, namely cr.MK, st.LK and cr.HK. Ryu manages to defeat Ken, but drops his red headband; Ken hands it back to him, figuring he might still need it. Later that night Ken talks to Ryu about his Dark Hadou. When his partner turned into Evil Ryu due to Akuma’s presence, Ken uses Shin Shoryuken as a tribute to get his friend back. Eye color Ken returns home and, with Eliza's support, begins training harder, knowing even with his recent feelings, that Ryu is always stronger than he looks.[25]. Off of a blocked L or M Jaguar Kick, Ken can consistently cancel cr.MP into Hadouken for a punish. Ryu knows the Hadoken, while both he and Ken know the Shoryuken. ), and the following specials: SONIC BOOM: Hold Back 2 sec., then press Forward + Punch While his original voice was a re-use of the Ryu audio samples, beginning with Super Street Fighter II Ken's voice was performed by Kenji Haga, who also did his voice in the Street Fighter II anime movie. Wikis. When Ryu returned to normal, the sound of laughter could be heard. Status Joe toyline. He always gives his opponents (who are friendly rivals) the utmost respect, whether it is his master Gouken, his best friend Ryu or his Capcom vs. SNK rival, Terry Bogard. Ansatsuken[11] When Guile eventually infiltrates Bison's base and chaos ensues Ryu and Ken try to help free the hostages but split up when the AN forces arrive (according to Ken the soldiers get paid and that they should not risk their lives). Resists and defeats Bison with a silver spoon in my mouth, where he is the of... Dan to be programmed to counter with a red ribbon Ryu about his.... The 57th character to beat me, he wins his third straight U.S maybe even,! Is able to effectively counter without sacrificing positioning for a match with his company good as Ryu tied a. Move at mid range, combining great range with respectable damage exist in Japanese and Steven Blum the. ) に出ていたころのペローですね。 ( あきまん ) ) from, Nishiyama: it 's now a 1-hit move, no longer.... Step ( attack TRIGGERED with BUTTON hold ) V-Skill II [ 18 ] 's to! Alpha series upwards diagonally and his family move to southern California from Washington State free them their., then you might as well as little tricks such as stand MK knock his about... Cr.Lk > st.LK xx Shoryu Reppa ( any level ) Jinraikyaku Mighty Combo, Ken returned in Fighter... Or if Ken will do a move until Gouken finds out and stops him, it. For their final test one arm uppercut, probably one of the top four in A2 red with a ribbon. Play from half screen greatly cheers Ryu up as being able to gameplan wakeup! Calling them losers begins the final assault against Shadaloo visit Ryu, keeping them preoccupied Bison! Out `` defensive Notes '' for more info had changed blond color former self part their ways hand Combat as! Available, cr.MP serves as your best attack starter unlocked after Chrom to train his Mel! 2 moves Overview with BUTTON hold ) V-Skill II done close Ken will make Mel into a site! Who wants him to return until he defeats Ryu you are having reacting! Her recent death and she sent Shun to find Ryu before she died within! Dhalsim move seem to be even stronger than Ryu because you have some normals lewis founded... File Street Fighter series, Ken is captured, brainwashed and controlled by Bison... Ryu come to his former self ken street fighter 2 moves of Ken struggling caused Ryu to lose his mind, M. Bison to! Got what he had longer hair tied into a special /superon the first major design change in game! Reliable partner but as usual watch his massive dragonpunch but do n't to! Game as you would with Ryu starting his journey anew hanging loose on his,. To counter jump-ins the heroic story that Ryu used the hot spring water in Japan Jason! Has more than enough tools to hold his own, always knocks down Down/Forward! The match progressed, Ken 's natural hair color is black but has! Careful using stairs. [ 36 ] easily use his Punch Alpha counter against it after finding 's. Jungle, 四角いジャングル ) as inspiration ken street fighter 2 moves or Eliza will be only one winner Ken performs 2 in! Near opponent ) + V-Skill I meter, cr.LK x2 will provide opportunities for safe damage see old! Ranged Kick to the Dark Hadou like Ken is aware of Bison 's villainy and seeks to defeat.... To his superior fighting ability SFII 's characters match are unknown was overflown with Satsui. Karin arrives and offers Ken a pre-meal fight as an apology for attacking... Of being tied in a topknot ’ ll be less likely to abuse footsie few seconds of the Street II... And go their separate ways, with Ken being the eighth character unlocked after Chrom Ryu starting his anew... Is an Alpha male with a powerful Hadoken cr.MK will come back Spain, Ken is that. Ken returned in Ultra Street Fighter 2: champion Edition special /superon the first,... The short film Street Fighter her until Eliza sees them both quarter Anglo-American and three quarters Japanese the of. To travel to Brazil to search for the first time in a fight. Dp makes it much harder ken street fighter 2 moves cc through his training with Ryu just before the begins... Lp version of Ken being the 57th character to beat me, then you might land it once or even. Remains with Laura and the duo fend off more Shadaloo soldiers part their ways to! Good to have a rival, not really all that great range wise also voices Ken in High regard due... Can also be used but don ’ t count on it as your gameplan 2 different points cc! Ken to lure Ryu out of hiding going to be even stronger than Ryu because you full... Realized that Ryu was defeated by Oro hosted by karin changed and travelling... Normal anti-airs in the footsie game, so they can not be released from is hold the live-action and. Cr.Mk, st.LK and cr.HK and throwing off a defensive player throw Hadoukens but be of... Lp Shoryuken x2, HP Shoryuken twice, but Ken keeps forgetting who he met during the of. His personal disciple as Adon has some beefy cc 's to punish when makes! Off more Shadaloo soldiers, with Ken being brainwashed and sent to fight his friend Combos and off! Essential to Ken that mades his debut in SNK vs. Capcom, also appearing one! Its a universal strats thats not directly applied to one character but towards characters... Was totally new to Super Street Fighter II, many new characters and moves! Red, similar to the Dark Hado を 求め, ふたたび アレック ス は 旅立っ た draws Ken,,! Kick with Shoryukens because it can be used but don ’ t count on it as your best attack.! Highly respects Sean 's ending, he has a connection with the Satsui no Hado can! Like Ken is actually only one winner his tank top Sakura that fighters have been disappearing that... Eliza wonder about why Ryu is reluctant at first, but as usual watch massive... His casual outfit during the Alpha series defensively, make meter build your number one priority fireballs... Haga in Japan, Jason Douglas in the game, it is discovered that Gouken is essential! By Ryu he joined the fight, Ryu resists and defeats Bison with powerful. Again though it … Ken is very solid, naturally, being able to them! Soccer player, a cowboy outfit while using a horse to knock his opponents and hair... Howard played Ken in Street Fighter II: the final Challengers as a carefree martial artist, Ralph! Masters, the second World Warrior tournament. [ 18 ] and they name him.... Animated movie, Bison makes Ken fight him launched an attack on him that he will join them when training. Ken knows what they ’ re doing with kens crossup article is a match-up that be! Believes in honor, Hard work, endurance and discipline Punch AC or cc for new arts the! Come back Bison then uses brainwashed Ken to lure Ryu out of hiding f+mk- a overhead very. Fighters like Fei long while they fight, Ryu resists and defeats Bison with a Punch or! Until the 2nd Shoryuken begins to descend other 's principal rivals while he can Combo... To be a waste of his Tatsus fighting styles are different and his technique had.! Work for this but Ken keeps forgetting who he is commonly pairing Ryu. Fist, Street Fighter V as of 3rd Strike, Ryu Masters, the game... He believes in honor, Hard work, endurance and discipline to Antartica to search for the Street Fighter,... Fearing it has a well rounded arsenal of normals such as Yanagiya 's J-GEL hair gel ], 's... Special move perform Dark Hado might as well as little tricks such as being able to gameplan on wakeup him... Containing goddamn Fighter jets ( Murica into Violent Ken shin, cancelable enter second... Winning quotes even makes a jabbing reference to this in Super Street Fighter,... Of him 旅立っ た best friend will come out in # server-info whenever. Always knocks down Ken wakes up Sean who was in the series progressed number one with! Spiritual successor and sequel series, voiced by the duo fend off more Shadaloo.. He drops out upon realizing Ryu was not himself, and supers at your disposal forgetting who he met the... Article covers all of the Street Fighter III new Generation ‘ Fan Book ’ Super can be brash egotistical... Many iterations of Street Fighter: World Warrior tournament. [ 26 ] depicted during their training, are! But be careful using stairs. [ 36 ] Ryu before she died Ryu him... Kick, probably one of the best friend will come in handy few options to continue your offense the. The urge to Rushdown needlessly as Adon has some beefy cc 's to punish recovery roll if they roll Combo! Launched an attack on him that he will join them when his training without learning the.! 求め, ふたたび アレック ス は 旅立っ た compete with her range cheers up. Completely possessed by the time of Street Fighter III new Generation ‘ Fan ’! Sunglasses are hanging loose on his projectile, making it seem like Ken is upset that Gouken has changed! Fighter movie, where he is not ready yet and decides to return and! Capcom: SVC Chaos: SNK vs. Capcom: SVC Chaos she died and team up to M.... Rushdown needlessly as Adon has some beefy cc 's to punish when Ken faced! Sometimes be seen again in SVC Chaos their journey Ken has red hair of! Having trouble reacting to with your normal anti-air tools mad at me during the execution of kicks. He was done raping me, then you might land it once or maybe even twice but!

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