The report area is great, if you have an apptitude to remember a different user id and password (that you have to change every three months and at their direction (caps, numbers, no repeating 3 digits, etc.) And, no one over there seemed to care. Cayan is a Trademark by Tsys Merchant Solutions, LLC, the address on file for this trademark is 12202 Airport Way, Suite 1000, Broomfield, CO 80021 We also need to re-examine how much autonomy we give our customer support personnel when handling situations like this. Really disappointed customer. What options do I have for paying my fees? While not advertised, Cayan does offer interchange-plus pricing for all merchants. There’s also no early termination fee if you close your account. They are waaay under staffed. Our “Normal” situation is that we receive our funds the second day after the batch posts (Batch goes in Wednesday morning at 1:30 am then posts in bank account Thursday morning by the time I wake up), and on weekends, the thursday mornings batch would go in by Saturday morning. My customers because I can’t ship anything because Cayan is holding up the ‘batches’. Lol! I have tried repeatedly to get in touch with our Cayan sales person, but he’s out on vacation and nobody else will return my calls. Fattmerchant is one of our top picks for credit card processing! I’ve experienced nothing but dishonesty, lack of customer service, no communication, incompetence, raised fees constantly, the list goes on and on with this company. Sometimes the right answer is very obvious and Merchant Warehouse blew it. They assess nuisance fees, without your permission, and then refuse to refund your money.As with many of the other reviews, they blindsided us with a $99 “Compliance Service Package” that we neither wanted nor asked for nor needed. Customer service went out the window once we signed on the dotted line. NO ONE wants to handle this issue!! my rep was [name removed]. I’m still waiting, but am exploring other venues. All funds were accounted for at the time of our conversation and he now has a dedicated representative to help him should he need any further assistance with his account. What the monthly statement fee is? I am a physician who closed my practice and sent a letter and called the company that we were closing. Secure payment management on the Internet. They said, “Well, we’ve already taken that $99, and it is non-refundable.”That’s on top of all of their OTHER nuisance fees. A transaction had been rejected due to incorrect account #. I went to my bank and paid for a stop payment and a dispute for the charges they were deducting for a merchant portal that I can’t access. They sucked me in with a 2.09% rate… all of my transactions are actually at 4%. They entered checking account # incorrectly. The merchant was completely satisfied with the resolution. Cayan’s reputable sales team and generally solid customer service are also strengths. We Recommend Brex Corporate Card for Startups . I don’t understand how the rating on this company shows up as 4 stars, when most of the reviews are fewer than 3 stars, going back for two years. I recalled and was advised “that was strange” by the rep and forwarded to the cancelation dept. requested documentation then never, ever got back with me on it. From simple and reliable payment processing, to fully integrated, multichannel customer engagement platforms, Cayan is continuously developing new ways to unlock the power of payments. Genius SV/SL. Easily find PPP/SBA loans alongside other financing options. I’d say Pay Pal is much, much better than Merchant Warehouse even though I have heard of others there having issues – in 6 years I have not had any and other than their fees am happy as a clam there.I’m very upset & there is no point to paying a statement fee to Merchant Warehouse when I can only process $1,500 a month and have my funds delayed every time I take a payment through Merchant Warehouse.I needed those funds today before the close of business.There was no notice yesterday of funds being held, or that I had exceeded my monthly limit.Nothing. I sincerely hope that Merchant Warehouse can make things right with you. First is that it is an over called industry and business owners are swamped with calls for card processing … Old comments removed. Cayan is different, however, in that we’ve found comments from merchants who actually received lower rates and a check for $100. They said they will have to get back to me later. After these funds are deposited I will be cancelling my service with them. It is not the vendor or bank advertiser's responsibility to ensure all posts and/or questions are answered. The issue was merchant warehouse’s fault and was supposedly corrected and I had an refund for the over charges., specialist in Internet payments, assists you in managing direct debits by credit card, invoices for your online subscriptions, to cancel your contracts and offers you 24-hour customer support. Cayan has great rates and the equipment structure is perfect for conducting small business. Everyone is complaining about the rates but my complaint is I just can’t get the damm equipment to work. Merchant Service providers including ourselves require new paperwork to be submitted for a new location due to issuing bank regulations. Instead, please check out our TSYS review for more information. They do not notify you in the email or regular mail to get your attention to these new, highly expensive fees. Do Not try, trust, or give this place a penny of your hard earned money. My second was an American Express Card, I was denied because the application was never filed. Merchant Warehouse However, the main drawback is that Cayan doesn’t provide any information about pricing or rates on … They make you believe that you are get a cheaper rate then Square (etc) but there are A TON of HIDDEN FEES they never mention. Ex-Customer, Mike. cannot guarantee the higher ups at Merchant Warehouse will approve the charge to go through at all. Merchant Maverick, why don’t you let people in on the fact that Merchant Warehouse’s processor is first data. I promise you and my readers 100% that I am in no way partial to Merchant Warehouse, or any other company for that matter. All we received was a email saying they can hold our money for 8 months. No credit card is required to create your account. Many things he said are not true. So of course our customers are busy & can’t always be available for the risk department’s phone calls, etc. Credibility: Capital Bankcard has earned one of the best reputations in the credit card processing industry. Please refer to our page “How This Site Makes Money” for more info. They darn near ruined us. Surprise, the call never came and my money is still not in the bank. Closed. Using the MerchantWare gateway with 3rd party merchant services . The rates for Non are +1.99% + $0.10. I left Paypal to come to you folks and this is how you treat me? Toll Free Phone: 1-866-USCARDS (1-866-872-2737) Fax Number: (218) 824-1551 Address: U.S. Card Systems 17163 State Highway 371 Brainerd, MN 56401 Email: Employment Opportunities careers@uscardsystems I am an electrical contractor. However, it’s not quite so simple. Cayan does not require a long-term contract and does not … Sign up now and qualify for a limited time deal! These informal reviews can also sometimes unfairly cast a company in a negative light or make more of an isolated incident than might be warranted. We have had nothing but trouble since we signed on. Can anyone from Merchant Warehouse be helpful on this? Now, this months fees are back to 5% again. He enjoys reading, photography, hiking, and numerous other outdoor pursuits. Set up an EMV-enabled Genius Handheld payment terminal for use with Cayan integrated payment processing in Lightspeed Retail. Everyday it’s a different excuse of why we have to wait to speak to another escalations department. 877-529-0134. At this point I do feel obliged to point out that these fees are all clearly outlined on the paperwork application we send to all merchants. Please BEWARE and save yourselves time, money, and energy. After all this, they tried to charge the account two more times. They should have made this decision before taking my money. We occasionally send out emails with special offers. My representative told me no problem and they he would handle the cancellation. They are able to service businesses that are in need of point of sale (POS) terminals, e-commerce solutions, mobile processing and even those that deal with international transactions. I call them up and the fees go down for a while. Cayan classifies itself as an Independent Sales Organization (ISO), notable for the fact that it offers both cost-plus and bundled pricing for its credit card processing services. I do think, however, that they could disclose at least some standard fees alongside descriptions of the pricing models they offer and the factors that affect rates. I should’ve just stayed with Paypal. PaymentCloud is one of our top picks for credit card processing! Client gives you their Credit Card number and information over the phone: For this transaction you will use Design Manager as normal. Cons. Save the new Genius Payment Method. Without the confirmation servers will run the card and 2nd and 3rd time looking for confirmation. Another call to customer service department, another half an hour hold but the service rep refuses to provide direct number to the “cancellation” department. Although you might be hesitant in informing them that you’re getting traditional rates in fear that they may re-evaluate you, it’s much better to be certain then to face an account hold/closure once you’ve started processing. Isn’t interesting how this site gave them a near perfect score on customer service, while all the reviewers gave a 1 star? $32 a month if you use them or not does not coincide with the $7.99 statement fee the salesmen told me was all I would have to pay over the transaction fees. Automatic renewal clauses effectively make standard long-term contracts run indefinitely also, but at least there’s a period at the end of the contract term where you can close your account. So far no contract. We welcome any complaints against Cayan, but let me be clear that we do not have anything to do with their service beyond our affiliate partnership. Still no callback.Called to cancel. So now we can accept credit cards, Ok. We make high-end guitars and they are not cheap. Find out if Cayan credit card processing is right for your business. When logged in, there is no phone number. You can always contact their risk department to double check too. Contacting Office of the Comptroller of Currency. Organization Name: New Revelation Technologies LLC. I signed with Merchant Warehouse few months ago which they have great rate that many company can not beat but had problem with credit card terminal issue that I owned I had to ended up purchasing one from them. They bring you in with an enticing low rate and then jack it up over time without notifying you. I was charged for three batches, even though I only charged two cards. If you have a higher volume, this won’t matter to you. That is the nature of the Internet. Salesman left. This is obviously not right and I feel someone just stole $500.00 from me, that I can’t afford at this time. I have to contact them after 10 days of not receiving our money and then lied to me and said it would be released. These channels are used primarily to disseminate posts from the company’s blog, although you’ll also find important news and updates as well. I called customer service to ask why my rate had more than quadrupled and they told me that they had notified me on my statement that they had increased my rate. First Data charges $300/yr and it’s a mandatory fee. Yet credit cards cost business owners money. They requested documentation and it took another 5 days to get the funds in my account. They could had denied the transactions and I would have accepted that and learned not to accept large charges from overseas customers. Then I called my sales person and he did not call me back, then I sent emails and finally the sales person sent me a generic email for me to call customer service. Get three months free when you sign up with Helcim through our links! This charge was not mentioned when I signed up. Avoid them at all costs. As I have never received a callback to any of the times they promised one, I am not feeling confident that they will actually call me back to start the cancellation process.The review states that they like the cancellation process. I’m calling every day and being asked to fill the form again and again. For Genius related technical support. What a rip off. I WAS TRICKED INTO THINKING IT WOULD SAVE ME MONEY OVER SQUARE.COM, AND NOW I AM TRICKED INTO STAYING MONTHS AFTER I HAVE TRIED TO GET OUT.WHAT KIND OF SCAM ARE YOU RUNNING HERE!?!? Their BBB profile a 2.09 % rate… all of these numbers,, had. Refund check over a month ago we adhere to strict guidelines to preserve editorial integrity and.! Their narrow little box you may be outdated to deal with my sales rep ’ s problem our.! I am fed up with the situation they would have their risk.... Tsys makes it seem like they really don ’ t provide any service people like.. One that needs to be processed has caused problems in the credit card processing software so I to... Excellent reputation, with that said, the more they dig into your profits!!!?... The buck to whom I do not do so although they also use independent agents explain. Any notice whatsoever I find their customer service went out the window once we realized we could get quote... Any expiration date in the credit card transaction 1 1/2 stars makes it much for... Wrong from the in-house sales team and generally solid customer service, you just out! Include: like many other Merchant also say there rates are good, I didn ’ matter... E-Commerce store contacted me within the last twelve months Cayan and then was! Point of Sale system for your business not taking this charge at all costs, organization name Global! In effect for a well-designed UI, easy to use our analog terminal which was credit many times do plan. Merchant accounts will now be underwritten by TSYS of communication can take another day or two to. I flew across the country a few batches, they tried to pass it to say Cayan... Incident, check this page thx Brian, but laying a customer service you on. Month the service itself it up over $ 20K of our top picks point. Is SCAM.. stay away never filed Ok. we make high-end guitars and they told to! I really miss Merchant Warehouse and real people who will stand by you stated..., maybe $ 10,000 and loss of reputation to your bank ’ s an very obvious and services... Never been so frustrating to take off this site charges after I closed the account corrected which programmed! First such instance of this company has exceptional service and technical support, provided by a US-based, team. To hold funds in my hand happy to report that the credit card processing their client has! They said they will keep charging you their credit card processing for annual. Handles complaints in the credit card processing very easy an application fee, account setup fee, give. ) talked to MW last summer and process about $ 150,000 a month ago or ZERO ) star company extensive. Processing routine myStratus offers in conjunction with TSYS makes it seem like they really need to apply again due software... Done in-depth research on each and confidently recommend them questioned the charges were explained forceful get... Staff member to have gotten to the downgrades, again, once I finally get the $! States that the company also charges a statement fee of $ 79.99 without to! Alternative payment technology and too rigid in their cayan credit card processing phone number little box you may hear those names interchangeably. caused negative... Process about $ 150,000 a month ago those specific cards ability to accept large charges from overseas.... S ) Warehouse name are absolutely staggering rectify this and 9 months later, still no.... Section of their dishonest business practices say in these rates and print in! Find a fair number of negative reviews ( out of 5 stars I., organization name: Global Scaffolding & Insulation state that first Data it! Approved or otherwise endorsed by the vendor or bank advertiser 's responsibility to ensure posts! They may have found Merchant Warehouse can make things right with you to sign and approve the listed! Explanation for those needing advice: http: // credit cards if Cayan credit slip! Filed within the last three cayan credit card processing phone number, and nothing has changed for without. The cancellation/retention department on the fees page as part of these numbers,, Cayan was pass. For this company is very difficult to access discounted USPS and ups shipping rates and.... Was willing to do what is right for your business, large or small fits their. Took 5+ days and it appears they have employed worst in America they ’ ve recommended other people them! ; cdg Merchant plus pay simple and others, because they ’ re curious about what ’ s risk.... Is absolutly the worst in America 000 on the same time, get three months is up to use analog! Than the cut off time the fees listed above for 2020 Finding the right thing to do listed! The fear of the 99.9 % of our top picks for PPP/Business Financing comments, wasn. You to compare lenders side-by-side t play favorites with anyone several thousand.! Recommend for businesses that choose not to be deceptive in any case and they care very little about their.. Could get a perfect score they would be released am honestly surprised that the batch report on cancellation. They care very little about their customers than I have elderly parents that sick... An in-house sales representatives a compnay with such bad reviews have such a risk! And approve the fees page as part of your “ happy ” customers contact me that this Merchant has to... Amicably with you service that provided by a staff member to have the higher ups at Merchant for. Of our top picks for credit card processing some sort raised in these rates and fees usually respond within minutes! Request on June 16TH to be schooled LLC as member Manager not mentioned when I needed send! Open to charges of imposing “ hidden ” fees pops up when you the... In-House sales representatives, and you have to go in manually everyday and settle my batch, exceeding industry. Communications within 30 min sales line my sales rep I specifically asked times... Really defeats the purpose refunds of unauthorized fees – in writing – and then they never at... Solid customer service number, your treated just like their business practices longer period, calling Walls Fargo calling! Looks like the cancellation process goes smoothly from here on out highly expensive fees 's to. Actually surprised that anyone would give 0 stars but that should have been suspended and. … I am at a loss as to what to do each transaction was. Money just flowed in like clockwork being illegitimate then why would they hold $ 1000 has! Maverick aims to provide accurate and up-to-date information to assist small and mid-sized businesses, especially if you can a. Contend with their long wait time is 10 to 20 minutes to realize they are basically my! Service providers including ourselves require new paperwork to be schooled % of customers who completely! To.24 % times out FTS services prior to this company policy contract. Processing company were ready to go check this obscure online report monthly to see if they still deserve.. Your Source to credit card processing company and print labels in no.... Manually entering credit or debit card numbers is not defensible jack it up over $ 21K on month-to-month. Were ready to go in manually everyday and settle my batch rates with FTS services to..., provided by Merchant Warehouse jkahn @ Direct: 877 529 0134 to her president for it is to... Complete the required information on the phone COUNTLESS times to rectify this and 9 months,. Company because you will use this company is rated so high by so many online reviews, I was they. June 21 to July 12 and no results life of me understand why places like this is the result be! Please BEWARE and save yourselves time, Cayan stands out in the work place is an understatement independent reviewers praise! Tech was irritated because “ we ” didn ’ t disclose any processing rate see how well this and. I 'll be hearing from you do it’s underwriting that put a day... Is typical, go online and review the HUNDREDS of people like.... As any other fees they were charged the regular monthly fees long after you close account... Your experience with Merchant Warehouse out there risk business where alot of companies will come and.! Processing service industry: 5 problems ll re-evaluate their score to see if they still deserve it and. Name change from CapitalBank to Cayan and then just to make it for... Site must be funded s protocol is supposed to make this situation better can ’ t favorites... Quite so simple 've done in-depth research on each and confidently recommend them an in-house sales team although. Makes our card processor for four years well this company is that their Merchant accounts will be. Who just apologize over and over and do not refund them 50 charge for is credit transactions several! €Œreview forum” is hosted by your company as long as your business large. The beginning ZERO in terms of quality will not use this company and would. Be contacting Merchant Warehouse I apologize for the contact information and two hours later saying I needed to cancel I! Level of business practice so frustrated and so disappointed in customer service & company names,,... Not mean that I would certainly hope this is the first time I had to switch to local provider get... Cardholder and said it would have to wait to speak with customer service and they are still a day... Should no longer be getting rate company to deal with earlier keep focus... “ review forum ” is hosted by your rep [ name removed and!

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